Stanford Coursework

A coursework as we know is a regular part of student life. It is normally required for students to complete one most especially for those who are studying in colleges or in universities who are pursuing a masteral or doctorate degree. A lot of schools offer this as a requirement for students such as in Stanford University in California.

Stanford University is well known as one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions since 1891. It is significantly apparent that the institution has continually developed a broad learning experience for its students with over a century of quality education standards that it has built and produced. In relation to its excellent reputation in education, it is no wonder that field courseworks are usually part of its students General Program Requirement. For instance, Stanford coursework is applicable for students enrolled in the Graduate School of Business,PhD, and in other courses and programs of the university.

So how does Stanford coursework apply in its programs? In Stanford Graduate School of Business, students are required to take the general program requirement or GPR on top of the usual course requirements. It consists of studying Microeconomic Analysis I, Econometric Methods I, and a course in organizations or psychology. It should be strictly complied for Stanford students to pass and do well in these prerequisites along with other important subjects.

Field courseworks are fulfilled during the first two years of study and students can also take up to 50 percent of coursework outside the Graduate School of Business in addition to the coursework fulfilled by the students every quarter.

Another field of study where Stanford coursework is effectively and practically applied to is the Law School’s clinical courses that are only offered to their law students. For example, the Environmental Law Clinic: Clinical Coursework provides students an experience of hands-on activities in providing legal assistance to different environmental organizations. It is a great practice for students to balance concrete training and research. Having said that, it is an exciting coursework as students will be participating in court hearings and other legal practices and they will also be exposed to drafting letters/petitions to name a few.

With the two given examples, it is clear that Stanford coursework really helps Stanford University students in concentrating and in excelling in their chosen field of study. It guides them into honing their skills on their field of specialization. Completion of Stanford coursework is really an effective tool for educators to assess how well their students develop from inside and outside of the four corners of the school. Providing students a curricular environment where they are to fulfill both academic and coursework requirements really encourages a cross-disciplinary study that is vital for a school that promotes a real and superior education.

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