Science and Technology Coursework Topics

  1. Finite element analysis (FEA)
  2. Identity theft and bitcoin: what’s the link between the two?
  3. Evidence of water and possible life on Mars
  4. Fluid dynamics
  5. Self-driving cars: the future is here
  6. Riemannian geometry
  7. The future of artificial intelligence
  8. How cryogenics can affect our future
  9. Fertilizers
  10. Flutter phenomena
  11. Random walks
  12. Is the alternative energy a better solution than fossil fuels?
  13. Interactions between wild animals and people: pros and cons
  14. Mimicry
  15. Representation theory
  16. Mutagenesis
  17. Piracy
  18. MOOs
  19. Neural systems
  20. Ecotourism

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