Biology Coursework Topics

Read this top 10 biology coursework topics and choose some for you.

  1. Glycosyltransferases and Hydrolases
  2. Histone Modifications
  3. Abortion and society: explain why it is such a controversial topic in most countries
  4. Hormones: study different chemical reactions driven through the human body with the help of hormones
  5. Immortality is real: study real creatures that never die of natural causes
  6. CRISPR: Methods and Applications
  7. Plant pathology: the causes behind the most common plant diseases
  8. Neurobiology: study how people remember things and define whether we can rely on our memories when recalling how things really happened?
  9. Homosexuality among animals: study the phenomenon of bisexuality and homosexuality among different species of animals
  10. Apoptosis and Cell Death
  11. The relationship between genetics and obesity
  12. Structural Dynamics of Enzymes
  13. Homeothermic mammals versus Poikilothermic body temperatures
  14. Biofuels
  15. How can molecular biological research of rare genetic disorders help us provide keys to understanding cancer and other diseases?
  16. Synthetic Biology (SEBM)
  17. Transplantation: how does it work and are there any special precautions that people should be aware of? What are the worst consequences of transplantation? Do we have safer alternatives to do it without transforming organs?

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